What Happens if I Avoid HVAC Maintenance?

While annual HVAC maintenance is important, it might not be at the forefront of your mind. But in the middle of summer, no one wants to be searching for HVAC maintenance near me because you’re getting nothing but hot air circulating in your home.



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By not keeping up with regular air conditioning repairs and service, you’re going to face more long term problems within your air conditioning system, and possibly an extensive HVAC unit repair or replacement. If you’ve been avoiding annual HVAC maintenance, eventually you’ll end up experiencing one of the following problems.



Problems within the Unit Fans

An HVAC unit cannot fully function without the full operation of its unit fans. One fan blows air onto the evaporator coil, which is designed to cool down the air before it enters your home. Another blows air outside of the condenser unit, which is designed to push away heat from within your home. This regulates indoor and outdoor air, so your home isn’t full of heat in the middle of summertime. Without annual HVAC maintenance, these fans can collect dirt and debris, experience faulty operation, and ultimately let heat into your HVAC system rather than cool air.

By getting your cooling system serviced every year, your service technician will be able to diagnose these types of problems quickly and restore your central air conditioning in no time.



A Damaged or Dirty Condenser Coil

One of the key parts of a functioning HVAC unit is a condenser coil. The condenser coil is the device that pulls and releases hot air outside of a home, so you can enjoy your HVAC. Over time, the condenser coil can get covered in dirt or excessive materials, which means the hot air will not be released. This will cause the coil to work harder than necessary, which means you could experience other difficulties with your heating and cooling system.

Air conditioner maintenance is important because it can save you money on unnecessary repairs that could have been avoided. Regular maintenance of your outdoor unit will mean your unit stays clean, regulated, and monitored for another hot North Carolina summer.



Problems with Evaporator Coils

Another common problem that can occur when your air conditioning unit isn’t serviced is frozen evaporator coils. The evaporator coils are there to absorb heat from your air before it flows into your home. Because of their design, they are filled with a refrigerant that is there to help keep the air cool.

It’s important to clean the evaporator coils in your unit, so the coils don’t end up freezing and causing your unit to only blow warm air into your home. Without the right air temperature flowing around the coils, your home won’t experience the proper flow of air, leading to uncomfortably warm temperatures. Rather than avoid the problem, make time for annual HVAC maintenance. You’ll never experience a shortage of cool air in your home. For more information, review what you can gain from Swaim Electric’s Maintenance Contracts.


Avoiding HVAC maintenance doesn’t do your family, home, or unit any favors. If you’re searching for HVAC maintenance near me, it’s time to contact Swaim Electric. We can arrange annual HVAC maintenance for your unit, and discuss preventative HVAC maintenance measures you can take for your home. Our team offers annual maintenance contracts, so the technicians at Swaim Electric can better serve you and your home.





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