Do Backup Generators Add Value to My Home?

Whole house generators offer a variety of benefits to your home - however, it’s possible there is one long term benefit that hasn’t crossed your mind. The added bonus feature of backup generators? They can provide an increase in overall value to your home. 

But, do backup generators actually add that much value to your home? Is the return on your investment going to be what you imagined?

The truth is, a whole house generator is a smart investment for a number of reasons, but it can actually increase the overall value of your home more than you thought! Not to mention, you’re appealing to a number of buyers who want additional peace of mind, and security. Learn why generators are such a great long term investment, below.

Do Backup Generators Add Value to My Home?Generac


Increases Your Total Home Value

Many families wonder whether or not it’s worth buying a generator, depending on where they live. However, generators are quickly becoming more and more essential in our lives, for medical purposes and reducing overall homeowner expenses. The fact that families can lose access to well water, and important medical equipment, is scary during a power outage. So making the investment is worth the additional peace of mind for yourself, if nothing else.

But, depending on the size, model, and strength of your chosen generator, they can be a sizable investment for your home. Plus, many generators run on liquid propane or natural gas, which is an additional expense to consider. These are all important factors to think about, and can be discussed with your service technician prior to your generator installation.

However, your home’s overall value can increase anywhere from 3 to 5% thanks to installing a standby generator. So, if you install a generator, and end up selling your home a few years down the line, you’re going to get a decent return on your investment. Plus, you won’t have to worry about power outages or other inconveniences, we so often experience.



Makes Rural Areas More Accessible

If you live in an area that is more rural or aren’t near a major city, power outages are bound to last longer based on your location. Major cities and towns with increased population take priority, so if you happen to lose power, it could be a few hours, or days before it comes back on.

Installing a whole-house generator not only eliminates the stress of living in a rural area - it makes your home more accessible long term. Not having access to hot water, air conditioning, or your home’s electrical service, can be discouraging for many homebuyers. However, installing a generator increases your home’s overall accessibility, and makes rural living more appealing and reassuring.



Keeps Families Safe in Uncertain Conditions

The number one priority of any family is guaranteed safety. Losing power can be stressful for a number of reasons - primarily because families might lose access to important resources like food, well water, and medical equipment. Generators keep families safe during times of uncertainty, so you never go without.

Luckily, so many standby generators now have an automatic transfer switch that families never go more than a moment without power. Everything continues operating just as before, so you can carry on with your day as planned. Generators give back the peace of mind and safety guarantees we need during a power outage, so everyone stays safe.

Other homeowners want the same safety guarantees, so installing a home generator not only protects you - it protects future families.



If you’re thinking about investing in a backup generator, but aren’t sure about the long term benefits, check out our free guide, the Benefits of Generac Generators. If you’re ready to start preserving your family’s safety, and stop the additional stress that comes with power outages, schedule an appointment with Swaim Electric today.


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