HVAC Repair in Greensboro, NC: Common Issues and Repairs

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Is your HVAC unit not performing the way it used to? You may be wondering how to approach the issue. Do you try some DIY tactics online or hire a professional? The HVAC industry is highly competitive, with many companies in North Carolina vying for your business. When you’re looking for a license professional who can get the job done, trust Swaim Electric to provide you with the best service. 

If you're looking for HVAC repair in Greensboro, NC, then it's crucial to find a dependable local contractor that not only offers reliable work but also meets your budget requirements. Are you looking for a trustworthy business to fix your heating and air in Greensboro? Consider Swaim Electric for all of your HVAC needs!

Today we’re exploring some of the common issues with HVAC systems and possible solutions so you can walk away knowing what questions to ask contractors and feel confident in your repair decision.


What is an HVAC?

HVAC stands for H(eating), V(entilation), A(ir) Conditioning. They regulate the temperature and humidity of a building and provide cool air during hot summer months. HVACs are composed of individual parts that work together—these include the boiler, furnace, and condensate pump.

They use a process called "reheating" to heat homes. The term "HVAC" usually encompasses the entire system from the boiler room to ductwork in your home or business.

HVACs are engineered to last decades, so most repair work is preventive. Their parts wear out over time; problems with your unit often happen when a part fails, and the heating and air conditioning repair contractors you hire must install new components or make repairs.

HVAC repairs can be costly, but trying to tackle maintenance yourself can be a messy business. Hiring Greensboro NC HVAC contractors like Swaim Electric in Greensboro can help make the process as cost-efficient as possible for you and your family.


What HVAC Repair Issues Can I Expect in North Carolina?

HVAC repair in Greensboro, NC is a common demand that can arise from an array of issues. Whether you require AC repair in Greensboro, NC, or Greensboro heating repair, hiring an HVAC expert will help you avoid many costly and time-consuming problems.

Many people are not aware of the signs and symptoms of HVAC problems or how to identify them. It's important to be mindful of your HVAC's performance so that it doesn't need repairs before you really need it!

Some common problems with HVAC systems include:

  • Air conditioners leaking water from inside their coils and causing mold growth
  • HVACs that are malfunctioning and blowing hot air.
  • Units that make a squeaking or rattling noise when turned on.
  • An HVAC that shuts off without notice.
  • Air conditioners that aren't cooling.
  • A furnace that isn't heating your home.
  • Units that aren't maintaining the proper air temperature in zones throughout your property (for example, HVACs not maintaining a consistent temperature between upstairs and downstairs).
  • Units that are using more energy than they should be.
  • Lack of airflow noise when HVACs are turned on (air is not flowing through your HVAC units properly or the HVAC unit fan is malfunctioning).

If you notice an increase in your monthly electric bill or an unusual smell or sound, it's probably time to examine your heating and air conditioning in Greensboro. These HVAC issues can be prevented by hiring professionals for HVAC repair in Greensboro while taking care of minor problems yourself. Many homeowners wait too long to call for help. Repairing HVAC systems can be more cost-effective if problems are caught early.


The Most Common HVAC Repairs in Greensboro

There are many reasons why residents seek heating and air conditioning repair in Greensboro. If you're experiencing problems with your HVAC, here are the most common solutions:

  • Replace the thermostat
  • HVAC maintenance or tune-up
  • Repiping
  • Recharging
  • Upgrading HVAC units
  • Installing vents and ducting or registers
  • Repairing condensation drain lines
  • Repairing gas pipes or lines
  • Repairing electrical components, HVAC wiring, or power supplies
  • Replacing the HVAC motor and electric units
  • Replacing HVAC blowers
  • Fixing heat pump, exchangers, or filters
  • Furnace repair

Like most busy homeowners in Greensboro, NC, you may not have the time or resources to try and fix an HVAC unit yourself. Why not trust a local licensed business to install it correctly? Swim Electric will ensure that your HVAC runs with the utmost caliber and performance.


How Much Does HVAC Repair in Greensboro Cost?

On average, heating and cooling repairs can cost anywhere between $150 and $450. Most homeowners spend an average of $319 on AC repair in Greensboro, NC, while Greensboro heating may be around $268.

However, HVAC repair in Greensboro, NC will be charged depending on the severity of the issue. Factors typically include the time used in repairs, including labor costs and parts, materials costs, contractor rates by job size and complexity, and installation fees. The expense may also vary depending on the unit. HVAC units are grouped into types based on their functionalities, and they range from simple window/wall units to complete HVAC units of an entire house.

Swaim Electric prides itself on offering affordable HVAC options that will provide heating and air in Greensboro, NC, for years to come. We service both residential and commercial units to achieve comfort at home and in the office. Contact us to schedule an appointment and receive an estimate today!


What Questions Should You Ask An HVAC Contractor?

Before you schedule an appointment with a professional HVAC company, you may be wondering what questions to ask to gauge if they're the right choice for you.

Consider asking the following questions about heating and air in Greensboro, NC:

  • How long have you been in the HVAC industry?
  • What are the HVAC services offered by your HVAC company?
  • Who will be my primary contact throughout this project?
  • How many HVAC specialists does your HVAC company employ?
  • What is the average HVAC repair cost in Greensboro, NC?
  • Do you use only parts that have been tested and approved by the HVAC industry?
  • What steps do you take to ensure a quality HVAC?
  • How long will my HVAC repair in Greensboro take?

Do you have questions about your Greensboro, NC heating or AC repair? Contact Swaim—our team is standing by to reassure you of our outstanding service.


How to Prevent Heating and Air Conditioning Issues

Are you looking for strategies to maintain your HVAC? There are several steps you can take to prevent HVAC issues when you're looking to extend the life of your unit. HVAC units are a significant investment, but with proper maintenance, you can maximize your lifespan.

  1. Don't run your HVAC in Greensboro without air filters installed—this can cause the HVAC unit to have problems due to a lack of airflow, which is essential for cooling purposes.
  2. Set the thermostat correctly so your HVAC isn't running too often.
  3. Management of condensation and moisture is vital for HVAC units located in places with high moisture levels.
  4. Protect your HVAC unit with proper house insulation
  5. Use the appropriate surface under your HVAC unit for maximum drainage and airflow.
  6. Hire a professional for heating and air in Greensboro to check your machine.

Do you want to ensure your HVAC's optimal performance and prevent extensive HVAC repair in Greensboro? Check out Swaim's Maintenance Contracts to see how you can create a regular HVAC maintenance schedule that will keep you and your family comfortable.


The Importance of Heating and Air Maintenance in Greensboro, NC

With the fluctuating weather in North Carolina, it's essential to have a heating and air unit that works—proper HVAC repair is an investment in your comfort and safety. They are expensive and complicated pieces of machinery that need regular maintenance and repair by experts to service your home effectively.

Since HVACs are one of the essential elements in any home or business providing heating, cooling, ventilation, and air filtration, Swaim Electric understands the importance of doing the job right the first time. Hiring professionals for repair ensures that your HVAC will last longer, run more efficiently, and provide you with higher levels of comfort.


If you need HVAC service in Greensboro, NC, our team of experts is ready to help! Contact Swaim Electric today for helpful, friendly assistance. 





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