The Advantage of Working With Trane Installers

Why should you work with professional Trane installers? That's the question we're about to answer!

Trane is a brand that has become synonymous with quality, durability, and reliability. Since its founding in 1885, it has proven itself a leader in the HVAC industry, at the forefront of innovation and design.



Trane actually helped pioneer the idea of residential air conditioning, and their HVAC equipment has been recognized for its excellence many times over. For example, Lifestory Research named Trane "America's Most Trusted HVAC Brand" four years running (from 2015 to 2019). In addition to thousands of excellent ratings from satisfied customers, Trane HVAC equipment has received the stamp of approval from professionals around the country--including us at Swaim Electric.

We're proud to offer you only the highest quality products, and the Trane appliances we recommend live up to our standard of excellence.



Why Trane Equipment?

Trane puts its equipment through a rigorous series of tests to ensure that it is capable of performing under all conditions. They even blast their equipment for 16 weeks with alternating hot and cold temperatures, or cover their units in ice to ensure that they are still fully operational regardless of the environment.

Their test units often undergo up to 2,600 hours (or 108 days) of continuous, rigorous testing to make sure that the equipment is reliable and built to withstand anything the weather in your town or city can throw at it.

Trane equipment is also renowned for its quiet operation, with cooling and heating systems that run more quietly than many of its competitors.

Finally, Trane designs, produces, and tests all of the parts utilized in their equipment. Unlike companies that try to cut corners to save on costs, Trane sources all their own parts and does all their own manufacturing.

The result: high quality HVAC equipment that you know is a smart investment!



Why You Need Certified Trane Installers

Trane offers a special certification program to ensure that the professionals installing their equipment are trained to work with the exact specifications and requirements of their HVAC systems.

Certified Trane Comfort Specialists are the right people to install your Trane HVAC equipment for a number of reasons, including:

  • They know exactly what the equipment needs. They've been trained to use specific parts, down to the tiniest components, for accurate installation every time.
  • They are prepared to adapt according to your home's unique needs--including everything from existing piping problems to difficult plumbing layouts to extreme temperature conditions in your town or city. 
  • They are up to date on the latest in HVAC technology. The Trane certification program ensures that the technicians doing the installation use only the best, most cutting-edge equipment and tools.

They can help you get what you really need. You might think it's time to upgrade your whole HVAC system, but it turns out you just need a single piece of equipment to make the entire thing run more smoothly. Or, conversely, you think a problem is small, but it's actually symptomatic of a whole-house issue. With a professional trained specifically to troubleshoot Trane equipment, you can get the right solution for whatever problem you're facing.


At the end of the day, you want to work with professionals you can trust, who you know are skilled and trained to handle the specific equipment they're installing in your home. That is why you should only work with certified Trane installers to ensure that the Trane HVAC system you're investing in is set up and deployed correctly according to the manufacturer's precise instructions.





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