What to Know Before Your HVAC Installation

Ah, the dreaded HVAC installation. It’s vital, time-consuming, and wholly unavoidable, but there’s good news: partnering with the right company and preparing ahead of time can help make your HVAC service far less inconvenient for you and your family. So, here are a few questions to consider to help you prepare.




How long will my HVAC installation take to complete?

The vast majority of the time, your HVAC appointment will only take one day. That’s right, you can usually expect to have your HVAC replaced and have it up and running in just a business day.

Now, if your project will require ductwork installation along with your HVAC system, your project could take a few days. The sales representative or service technician should be able to explain the time needed to complete your project and give you a better idea of the scope of work before getting started.



What can I expect for the inspection process?

After install, the HVAC service professional should work with you to schedule the code inspection for the work. It can be difficult to provide specific inspection times, and you’ll probably need to schedule a time frame or day during which you can be available to meet the inspector. In this case, flexibility is important as the county or municipal inspection department may only complete inspections on specific days and times each week.



Will I just need one inspection?

In most cases, two inspections are necessary, one for your electrical services and one for your mechanical or gas services. In a perfect world, your unit will pass inspection on the first time every time, but it can occasionally take a couple of rounds of adjustments and inspections.



What type of unit do I need?

We often get asked about how to choose an HVAC system. For more on choosing the correct Trane HVAC system including SEER rating and preparing for an HVAC appointment, connect with Swaim Electric Heating & Air today.







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