The Benefits of Whole House Generators

When it comes to power outages, natural disasters, or preparing for a snowy winter, whole house generators are definitely the backup generator of choice for most homeowners. If you don’t know what a whole house generator is, check out our previous blog post all about the basics of whole house generators. 

If you already have an idea of how whole house generators work, chances are you also have a good idea of the potential power they can offer your home. But do you know all the other benefits they provide during power outages?


Safer Than Portable Generators

Portable generators have lower operating power than standby generators, but on top of that, it’s filled with more potent chemicals like carbon monoxide. A standby generator means fewer chemicals and fumes, which gives you higher air quality and safety benefits. The design of whole house generators provides faster response times, so you won’t have to worry about the delays or additional worries that come with portable generators.

Using a trusted brand of generator also provides the safety features you want out of a backup generator. Swaim Electric is a Generac certified company, which means they can provide the safety and backup features you look for in a whole house generator. 



Increased Efficiency 

Unlike most generators, whole house generators are wired into your home’s electrical system. You’ll have the power back in a flash thanks to the automatic transfer switch that provides power to your home. All you need is a supply of natural gas to help power your whole house generator. Their increased size and durability mean you can power things like the HVAC system, stoves, air conditioning, refrigerators, and water heater in your home.



Additional Peace of Mind

Since whole house generators can supply power for longer periods of time, you don’t have to worry about losing access to important medical supplies, and larger appliances that a portable generator isn’t typically capable of powering. Plus, you’ll never have to turn on the generator yourself, thanks to the automatic transfer switch.

Long term, whole house generators are a very cost-effective investment compared to other types of generators. During the winter months, losing access to heat or risking frozen pipes is a gamble that comes with a high price tag. A whole house generator prevents these problems from happening and prevents the unexpected expenses we don’t want around the holidays.



The benefits of whole house generators include providing the flexibility and safety you and your family need, in any situation. If you want to learn more about what you should expect before your generator installation take a look at our blog post for all the information


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