Why You Want A Maintenance Contract: Long Term Service

Whenever we purchase items for the home, like a generator or HVAC system, there’s usually a warranty or service contract offered. The same initial thoughts always run through our heads: do I really need it? Am I going to ever use it? At the time, it might seem unnecessary to add a maintenance contract, but in the long run, it’s definitely worth the investment.




Be Prepared for Anything

The saying goes, prepare for the worst, hope for the best. While it doesn’t feel like a necessity, having a maintenance contract can save you stress in the long run. There’s always a risk of mechanical errors or external damages harming your generator or HVAC unit when you least expect it. Now, you have additional repair costs on top of your initial purchase. Maintenance contracts provide you protection by regularly inspecting your unit after installation. If something does go wrong, we’ll catch it early and we’ll be around to fix it.


You Don’t Have to Worry

When you order your generator or HVAC unit, a maintenance contract guarantees that we will be there to service your product no matter what. It’s a lot like servicing your car, but instead of driving there yourself, we come to you. Swaim Electric offers bi-annual maintenance visits to see how things are running and offer our services if we notice any complications. This way, you can avoid a problem before it grows into a major one.


Quality Matters

Maintenance contracts not only prevent additional repair expenses, but they can increase energy efficiency. By making sure your unit is in peak condition, you eliminate the risks of your HVAC unit running ineffectively, which just increases the power bill. Maintenance contracts keep your units running smoothly, so you don’t ever risk unnecessary spending. Quality service shouldn’t end with your purchase. By having a maintenance contract, you can see your investment pay off.


If you’ve been looking for the additional service with your generator and HVAC system, check out Swaim’s maintenance contracts. We offer additional discounts and benefits to all of our Service and Maintenance agreement customers.




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