10 Common AC Problems in Asheboro



When there's something wrong with your air conditioner, you're the first one to know. There are many common AC problems to look out for when you notice the comfortability of your home drop. No one wants to be stuck in hot North Carolina weather without relief—that's why it's best to seek heat and air conditioner repair before the problem worsens.

Whether your air is stale or unbearably hot, AC issues are never welcome—especially as Asheboro, NC approaches the sweltering summer months.

If a regular HVAC maintenance visit doesn't fix the problem, it may mean your HVAC is too old or overworked to regulate the temperature of your home. If you need to invest in HVAC services, Swaim Electric is always ready to offer reliable HVAC installation or repair to customers in Asheboro. Our experienced team will transform your air quality in no time. 

Here are the ten most common AC problems to look out for.

1. A Lack of Cool Air

One common AC problem is that your unit isn't blowing cool air. This could be caused by an issue with the fan, the thermostat, or the evaporator coil. When this happens, it's recommended to get an HVAC maintenance visit right away to prevent further damage. The AC may be heard running, but there's no air flowing from the ducts. Otherwise, you may feel some air flowing, but it isn't cool.

This issue may be an easy fix if it's caused by a tripped circuit breaker, low refrigerant levels, or a worn blower belt. Regular HVAC maintenance can help prevent this common AC problem—professionals can catch this issue and fix it quickly.


2. Your Air Conditioner is Making Too Much Noise

Another common AC problem is that your unit sounds different than usual. This particular issue is grating, but it can be a simple fix.

If your fan isn't running, the issue may be a tripped circuit breaker or power outage. It could also mean that there's too much pressure in the system, and you'll need to get it serviced right away. Remember: if you can hear any abnormal sound, the issue will only worsen if you don't get it inspected right away.

If your system's fan is running, but there are rattling or grinding sounds, this may mean that something is stuck in the unit. The common AC problem could be that a large object has become lodged somewhere, and it needs to be removed before further damage is done. Are you hearing a squealing sound? That might mean a worn or misaligned belt.

Any strange sounds should dissipate after the problem is fixed. The professionals at Swaim Electric can help prevent noises in an annual check by checking your belts, protecting the compression motor, and keeping the bearings lubricated.


3. The Temperature is Unbearably Hot

This common AC problem occurs when there's a lack of cool air throughout your home, and you may notice hot air blowing from your unit. If you have this common AC problem, it usually means that the evaporator coil has been affected—it could be dirty or corroded from mold and mildew. A professional can come and inspect the coil and clean it if necessary.

If you notice that your system is running, but it does not cool properly, this common AC problem could also be caused by a dirty filter (which needs to be changed).

Another thing that could cause this issue is a refrigerant leak, which occurs when the refrigerant liquid inside leaks out and needs to be replaced. Before adding refrigerant, it's a good idea for a professional to check for leaks, so you don't waste money or time.


4. Your Air Conditioner Keeps Switching On and Off Constantly

If your system keeps shutting off and on, there might be a difficulty with the circuit board. If this common AC problem occurs, you'll see an error code on your thermostat display panel. There are some common error codes that could show up if your unit is overworking or not cooling correctly—codes like E1, E2, and F are alerts to watch for.

If your system is shutting off and on, it could also be due to the thermostat's temperature sensor being dirty or incorrectly placed. The problem might also occur because of high humidity in the home. An HVAC maintenance professional can examine the ducts for blockages, check vents, and improve the airflow.

Whatever the common AC problem, you shouldn't wait to get it fixed—a professional can inspect your system and make necessary heat and air conditioner repairs.


5. Your Air Conditioner Leaks Water or Refrigerant

If your unit leaks water anywhere around the air handler, there could be a common AC problem with the drain line. This issue usually occurs due to a clogged drain line, which means it's time to repair the heat and air conditioner.

If you see any refrigerant spilling from your unit, it's most likely time to replace your drainage pipes or condensate pumps. As soon as you notice leaking, turn off the unit to prevent damage to the compressor and call Swaim Electric for HVAC maintenance or HVAC installation.


6. The AC Will Not Turn On

It's frustrating to have an AC that refuses to turn on, even if the thermostat is lower.

This common AC problem may be due to a tripped circuit breaker, a faulty thermostat, or loose wiring. Don't attempt wire repairs yourself—trust the certified technicians at Swaim to get your unit back online.


7. The AC Runs Non-Stop

Even in hot weather, the AC should turn off once and a while. If you want to avoid unnecessarily high energy bills, it's vital to fix this issue quickly. The constant operation of the unit could occur from a faulty thermostat. This common AC problem could result from a unit not being protected by corrosion or debris.

Before considering repairs or HVAC installation, try turning off the thermostat fan. If that doesn't shut off the air conditioner, it's time to find help. Once professionals have removed any blockages and cleaned up the area, they can replace the faulty thermostat with a new one to solve the AC complication.


8. Your Air Conditioner Turns Off by Itself 

When an AC turns off by itself, it's typically due to low voltage—although it may also occur because of uneven airflow or dirty air filters.

Uneven airflow happens when the fan wheel becomes obstructed, so be sure to check it for common AC problems. You can do this by removing the unit's front panel and checking if there are any blockages in the blades. If you find anything amiss with your unit's fan wheel, trouble could arise from a faulty condenser fan motor.

Swaim Electric is here for you if you need help with common AC problems. We provide quality HVAC installation and repair to homes throughout Asheboro, NC. Call our team today to schedule an appointment!


9. There's Ice Around the AC Coil: Common AC Problems

When there's ice around the condenser coil, your AC works too hard. This common AC problem arises from dirty filters or obstructions in the fan, condenser, or ducts.

If you notice ice, we recommend checking the filter and condenser. If they're clean and clear of debris, it might be time to contact an HVAC maintenance company.


10. Strange Smells Are Wafting from the Air Conditioner

An awful stench drifting through the house is usually a sign of mold or mildew building up in the vents due to unsuitable drainage. However, if the odor is a burning, electrical smell, the unit should be shut down immediately. Regular cleaning of your home's ducts and the AC unit will help prevent unpleasant odors.

Several common AC problems can occur in your home. If you're experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, don't hesitate to call Swaim Electric for assistance. Our team of experienced professionals can help you get your air conditioner up and running again in no time!


Swaim Electric offers HVAC maintenance, HVAC repair, and HVAC installation in Asheboro, NC. Whether you're looking for HVAC services or generator asheboro assistance, Swaim is ready to equip you with the necessary tools for home comfort and peace of mind.





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