5 HVAC Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

When we think of spring cleaning, the first few things that come to mind might include switching over our clothes, decluttering our homes, and tidying around the house after a long winter indoors. However, there is more to spring cleaning than just our attire - your HVAC unit requires the same amount of attention as your home, and wardrobe.



HVAC Spring Cleaning


Over the course of winter, your unit is exposed to things like dust, dirt, and other outside particles which make your air dirtier. All of these germs and allergens get caught in various places throughout your home like your tables and shelves, but they also get trapped in places like your AC unit.

In order to prep your home for spring, your HVAC system needs the proper cleaning and care, so your air ducts and vents can operate to their full potential in the months to come. If you want your HVAC blasting clean, cool air all season long, follow these HVAC spring cleaning tips for a cleaner, and healthy home.


Clean Your HVAC Unit

One of the easiest ways to prep for spring is by simply cleaning off the exterior of your HVAC unit. It’s a good idea to remove any debris that has caught on your cooling coils, vents, and clear off anything resting on the top of your unit. Next, wipe off the dust and dirt sitting on the exterior of your unit, so there’s no winter residue left behind.

For extra care, mow and cut down tall grasses that have grown around your unit during the winter months. This will keep additional allergens from getting blown into your unit, and possibly into your home.

In order to keep your unit clean and pollen free all season long, keep up with preventative maintenance, so your unit stays clean in the months ahead.



Clean the Air Vents in Your Home

A home’s air vents can actually harbor more dust than any other surface in the home! Because your air vents are what sends air flow throughout your home, dust and other build up catch on these vents over time, meaning all that dust spreads every time your air kicks on.

To clean your air vent, unscrew the exterior grate, and use a cloth to wipe in between the spaces in your vent. Use a mild cleaner to remove the buildup of dust - harsh cleaners are too strong, and their scent will just spread throughout your home once you’ve placed the vent back. Vent cleaning isn’t very time consuming, and it will help spread cleaner heating and air conditioning throughout your home.



Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

As air is dispersed throughout the home, your duct system actually keeps a large quantity of allergens and dirt trapped within it’s system. Cleaning your ducts is a hassle, and doesn’t need to be done often, but there are a few warning signs to look for when it’s time to clean them once more.

If you notice spots of dirt or brown specks being deposited around your air vents, that means the air ducts in your home are overdue for a cleaning. These dirt deposits can compromise your indoor air quality, and cause additional allergens to spread throughout your home.

While ductwork can be time consuming, having your HVAC ducts cleaned and ready for use just means your heating and cooling system will be able to operate at full capacity, rather than deal with blocks and dirt confining your home’s airflow.

Most HVAC experts offer duct cleaning services, or know of duct cleaning companies that can take care of this problem for you. Air duct cleaning services don’t need to be performed every year, but if it’s been some time since your ducts were cleaned, take the time to schedule a cleaning this spring.



Clean Floor Registers

For those who don’t know, floor registers are the little grey grates on the floor of your home that help disperse air. However, debris, hair, dust, and other things can get caught in these vents throughout the year, which can block the way air flows into your home.

Take the time to vacuum these registers, so there isn’t any excess debris left, and then lift out the grate. Vacuum the inside of the register, so no particles are left behind. Then, use another mild cleaner to wipe the grate of the register, so when you return it, air can be blown at full force throughout your home.



Contact HVAC Professionals for Further Cleaning

Large undertakings, like air ducts, or more intense exterior unit cleanings, require an extra set of hands. While it’s nice to finish most of the spring cleaning by yourself, it’s even better to have a professional cleaning and servicing your unit, so it’s ready for spring time. If you need help with annual HVAC maintenance, contact the experts at Swaim Electric for more assistance.


If you’re experiencing frequent unit repairs, and need more than a little spring cleaning to get your HVAC up and running, consider the long term investment of an HVAC replacement. The Trane XL18i is the perfect unit for homeowners who want an energy efficient unit, that gets the job done. For more tips, check out What to Know Before Your HVAC Installation, or contact our team of technicians to explore your HVAC possibilities.





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