Product Spotlight: Trane’s CleanEffects Filter

If you’re someone who deals with asthma and allergies during the warmer months, you know the importance of having clean air filtering throughout your home. While your HVAC system keeps things cool, your home air filtration system might not be able to keep allergens and particles out of your home.



Trane CleanEffects

You’ll still be inhaling all the same allergens that cause your eyes to water and seasonal allergies to act up in full force. Rather than combat these outside invaders on your own, we have a better solution - the Trane CleanEffects Air Cleaner, which is designed to improve indoor air quality. If you’ve been looking for a better air filtration system, we have all the answers you need down below.



What Does the Trane CleanEffects Filter Do?

Typical house air that blows throughout your home might be clean for a period of time, but traditional air filters that produce your clean air, become clogged. Eventually, they’ll send out impure air throughout your entire home, filled with outside particulate matter. This can lead to allergies, asthma, and other health issues that you think come from the outside of your home when in reality it’s from the poor indoor air quality.

The Trane CleanEffects Air Filtration System is designed to eliminate these normal filtration obstacles and provide clean air throughout your entire home. In fact, Trane’s product is the only air filtration system on the market designed to give a clean air delivery rate of 1,200. It’s designed to catch dust, allergens, and other particulates within its collection cells - which are wider and more durable than traditional air filters, so it can maintain it’s clean air delivery rate. Because of it’s patented design, Trane has made this air filter so effective it will never send dirty air into your home - rather, it’s clean air efficiency will drop to zero, notifying you it’s time to be cleaned, instead of letting dirty air pass through its filters.



How is the CleanEffect’s Filter Different from other Filters?

While it might seem like all air filters get the job done, it’s just not true. Trane’s CleanEffects filter has been proven to remove up to 99.98 percent of allergens from a home - which is no easy feat. It’s also up to 100 times more effective than a standard air filter or air purifier, so you’ll never have to think twice about the particles that are actually entering your home.

The reason the CleanEffect’s filter is so unique is because of it’s utilized patented technology, designed to trap even the smallest particles in its collection cells. That means it can capture particles up to one micron in size, which is the smallest form of allergen. Hair, dust, pollen, and other outside particles, aren’t going to stand a chance against Trane’s CleanEffects Filter.



The Best Part?

Trane has designed its CleanEffect’s Filter to output as little as 3ppm (parts per million) ozone emissions, which falls far below the standard rate of most appliances. Your room air isn’t just going to be cleaner - it’s going to create fewer emissions that impact the environment and your overall health.

If you’re ready to start breathing cleaner air, contact Swaim Electric today to learn more about the CleanEffects Filter.


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