The Importance of Professional Generator Installation in Winston-Salem, NC

Residential home generator installation in Winston-Salem

Are you in need of a new generator, but you're not sure how to approach installation? Don't trust the installation of your generator to just any amateur. The power grid is a complex system that can be difficult to understand and manage. You can ensure that the generator is installed correctly and prepared for a future disaster by hiring a professional.

For a generator to be effective, it needs to be installed properly. If it's not, it can cause system overloads, which will in turn damage the power grid even more and make your generators much less efficient.

Installing a generator requires a broad range of skills and knowledge. Professionals ensure that quality and safety standards are prioritized—it's vital to make sure your electrical system is up to code. If you're looking for experienced electricians in Winston-Salem, Swaim Electric is always ready to assist you.

Here's why it's essential to hire a professional for generator installation in Winston-Salem, NC.


What Are Generators?

A generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. They're powered by an engine or turbine and can typically produce from 500 kilowatts to 5 megawatts of electricity. They're used on-site for backup power during a power outage or disaster.

Installing a generator is an undertaking, so many people prefer to hire professional engineers like those found at Swaim Electric for the job. The power provided by your generator can be powered by several forms of fuel—ranging from natural gas, propane, oil, or diesel. Some generators are fueled with biogas (i.e., methane from landfills or wastewater treatment plants).

Common Generator Applications:

  • Permanent home generator systems provide backup power during extended outages.
  • Standby generator systems provide emergency power to businesses, hospitals, and other facilities when utility power is lost.
  • Portable generator systems that work off a truck or trailer and are very popular with mobile professionals (contractors, etc.).

If you don’t have a generator, you may risk losing access to essential items such as CPAP machines, filters or heat lamps for pets, or perishable foods. A generator's primary purpose is to provide power if your home's leading source of electricity goes down. They do this by powering lights, the refrigerator, and other essential devices in your home. If you live in Winston-Salem, NC, or surrounding North Carolina areas where electric outages can happen without much notice, then an emergency backup generator is a crucial tool to have. 

When purchasing a generator, hiring an electrician or generator installer like Swaim Electric in North Carolina will provide you with convenience and quality.


Generators: The Best Backup Power for Your Home

If you live in Winston-Salem, NC, or surrounding areas in the Piedmont Triad where blackouts are common, generator failure is the last thing you want to happen. 

Generators aren't designed to work continuously and will eventually break down from continual use. This is why generator installation in Winston Salem, NC, from a professional generator installation company is so important—generator failure is one of the biggest threats to your family's safety and security during a power outage.

Generator hours are based on the generator's size, usage, and frequency of use. It's recommended that you have your permanent home generator checked regularly by a certified local generator technician for it to work effectively when you're in a tight spot. Swaim Electric can quickly check your generator and ensure it's in perfect condition.


Why Are Generators Such a Great Purchase?

Generators are an intelligent investment—you never know when you'll need backup power for your home. They're an excellent way to provide safety for your family when disaster strikes.

One of the best ways to ensure the best backup power for your home during storms, blackouts, and other emergencies is to have a whole house generator installed by professionals. Generators may even add value to your home!


The Process of Generator Installation In Winston-Salem, NC

Generator installation experts in Winston-Salem, NC can hook up your generator and ensure it's running at total capacity during a power outage or failure. You can rely on Swaim Electric to ensure you have the correct generator size installed with expertise.

Professional generator installation in Winston-Salem, NC is a must for any home or business owner who wants to stay prepared during power outages.

The Generator Installation Process:

Step One: When you install a generator, find one with the following features to ensure your home is well prepared in case of an emergency power outage:

  • The ability to power your sump pump, refrigerator, and freezer for three days.
  • A self-starting feature that kicks in when you lose power.

Step Two: Your generator is only as good as its regular check-up. From time to time, you must test your generator to ensure that it starts up correctly and add oil when necessary. Doing so will help maintain the strength of your generator and will prevent long-term damage.

Step Three: Have your generator serviced annually by a qualified electrician.


What Kind of Generator Should I Get?

There are two kinds: standby generator systems and portable generators. Standby generators can be installed permanently outside your house or inside. Portable generators can be moved from place to place as needed and are used for more temporary backup power needs.

Standby Generator Systems

Standby generators are ideal for homes that use a lot of electricity, such as large appliances and swimming pools. They're not portable, so they must be installed in a permanent location near the main power generator.

Portable Generator Systems

Portable generators are much lighter and less expensive, but they're not as powerful as standby generators. Portable generator placement can be moved in a job site or home with relative ease, but you must have an electrician install them before use.

Qualified electricians should only perform generator installation in Winston-Salem. They will perform generator inspections and maintain your generator regularly to ensure it will work when you need it most.


Why You Should Hire Professional Electricians in Winston-Salem for Generator Installation

When considering electricians in Winston-Salem, it's imperative to find the right team for the job. A qualified generator repair company can usually accommodate permanent home generator installation as well. If you plan to install a generator, let Swaim Electric be your first choice for generator installation in Winston-Salem, North Carolina!

The Benefits of Finding a Pro to Install Permanent Home Generators:

  1. Hiring professionals to install generators in your home will eliminate any headaches related to installing them on your own.
  2. Professionals are experienced in installing, maintaining, and servicing generators. They can also accurately determine the size generator needed for your Winston-Salem home.
  3. Generator professionals know the brands and models that will provide the best backup power for your home. They will usually have generators in stock that are made to handle the loads you plan on running through your generator. To learn more about the generators Swaim Electric trusts, read more about Generac—the best backup power for your home.
  4. Electricians can troubleshoot any generator issues and install a generator transfer switch that is necessary if you want to be able to operate a sump pump when the generator is running.
  5. Local homeowners who need to install generators should hire an electrician in Winston-Salem who can competently wire generators, ground them safely, and find handle safe generator placement. 


The Importance of Professional Generator Installation in Winston-Salem

Generator installation in Winston-Salem is a vital investment that will ensure the well-being of your family and home in the event of an emergency; if you're going to hire someone to install a generator in your home, use the electrical services of an expert.

A generator is an essential part of your home's power system. The generator itself doesn't produce energy, but it does provide electricity when the primary electric source is down.

A power outage can happen for several reasons:

  • A storm or extreme weather event may knock out power lines and cause blackouts.
  • There may be a failure in the local electrical infrastructure.

A generator may be needed during an extended power outage. Generators in Winston-Salem can ensure that your home's vital systems have access to the energy they need. Are you in need of more installation services? Check out our full range of electrical services.


For generator installation in Winston-Salem, your device should only be installed by the most dependable generator company. Check out our free guide on the benefits of Generac generators for more information. Our team at Swaim Electric is ready to service your home and provide you with peace of mind for years to come.

Contact us today for generator installation in Winston-Salem you can trust!

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