Why Is A Backup Generator A Summertime Essential?

The heat of summer is no laughing matter, but just because your cranking up the AC doesn’t mean that’s the only thing you should have on hand. While your HVAC is essential during the summer, so is your generator - especially in the Carolina’s. Maybe you’re wondering - why exactly is a backup generator a summertime essential? Read on to learn out why.

Why Is A Backup Generator A Summertime Essential?


Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

While winter brings the bitter cold and occasional snow, the summertime can be just as hazardous. North Carolina experiences plenty of hurricanes and tropical storms, so you can always expect turbulent weather starting as early as May. Since North Carolina is a coastal state, we’re never spared the hazards that come with summertime storms, and heavy rains. Power outages are just as likely to occur in these weather conditions as they do in the wintertime, and without a source of backup power, your lights aren’t the only thing that will be out.

Because storms can last for so long, and end up creating so much debris, it can take quite some time to get the power back up and running. Without an emergency backup power source, you’re looking at days without power.

A whole house standby generator eliminates the concern that comes for your home during the summer months. A generator powers all the essentials your family needs to stay safe, long enough to weather the storm. A whole-house standby generator will supply your home with more power than a typical portable generator, so you can still access electricity, water, and your refrigerator without a problem. Plus, you still can beat the heat of summer with a standby generator.

Standby generators are large enough to supply your whole home with air conditioning, so you, your family, and your pets, can weather any storm comfortably.

If a storm happens to strike, a Generac Home Generator automatically transfers power back into your home the second the lights go out. Your home backup generator protects your family and four-legged friends, even during the most uncertain times. This is peace of mind you just can’t put a price on.



Summer Time Generator Care Tips

In order to weather these upcoming summer storms, it’s important to care for your generator properly. Without the right care, you can’t expect your generator transferring power back to your home right away. Delays can occur if annual maintenance isn’t a priority.

If you want your generator to be ready for the summer, follow the instructions below, so you can count on its protection when you need it most.

  • Check for Generator Testing
    • Be sure to check your inbox for weekly generator testing. Generac standby generators automatically test themselves on a weekly basis, and you’ll receive an email with the current stats of your standby generator. This automatic testing insures your generator is ready for anything, so be sure to monitor your emails to make sure everything is running properly.
  • What Type of Fuel does your Generator Require?
    • If your generator runs on natural gas, you’ll never have to worry about refueling prior to an outage. However, if your generator runs on propane, a Liquid propane company has to come out to your home in order to fill up your propane tanks. It’s important to make sure your propane tank levels are full before a hurricane or tropical storm, and prep accordingly.
  • Follow Routine Maintenance
    • The best way to prevent obstacles from arising in your generator scheduling annual maintenance. Having a licensed professional look at your generator once a year is going to make sure nothing goes wrong before the next big summer storm.



What’s the Best Backup Generator for Your Home?

If you’re wondering what type of backup generator is best suited for your home, consult with an expert technician at Swaim Electric to help you get started. Swaim is a certified Generac Generator Specialist, meaning all of our technicians are familiar with a variety of standby generators that are equipped to serve your home. Plus, a backup generator adds unexpected value to your home. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today, so we can help protect your home in time for summer.



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