Questions to Ask Your HVAC Service Technician

When it comes to your HVAC system, it’s important to get annual HVAC repairs and service, so it can continue to run like new year after year. But, what if you are concerned about what could happen once your annual service appointment is finished? Are you still curious about what you should do to protect your HVAC?




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HVAC service technicians have years of experience working on central air conditioning and heating units, so it’s perfectly fine to voice those concerns to your technician. If you’ve been searching for HVAC service near me, but want more information outside of your initial appointment, here are a few follow up questions you can ask your HVAC service technician.



What’s the Ideal Temperature for My Heating and Air Conditioning?

If you’d like to avoid uncommonly high utility bills, you’re not alone. Despite the changes we experience with every season, it’s hard to find the temperature that’s ‘just right’ for our thermostat. No one likes high heating and cooling bills, no matter the time of year.

During annual maintenance and service, ask your HVAC technician for their tips and recommendations for keeping a smart, but enjoyable temperature in your home. When you’re looking for local HVAC service near me, it’s important to factor in these types of questions within your service.

They can also advise you, depending on your current heating and electric bills, whether or not you should install a smart thermostat to help regulate your home’s temperature.



How Often Should My Air Ducts be Cleaned? 

An HVAC tech is there to service and inspect your unit, but that doesn’t mean they can’t counsel you on the condition of your air ducts. Technicians work on the external and internal parts of your HVAC unit - and your air ducts are an important part of making sure your unit operates properly. 

While air ducts don’t need repairs or replacement quite like an HVAC unit, they still need to be cleaned and maintained. This is how you can keep high air quality and better temperatures flowing throughout your home.

Ask your technician how often your air ducts should be cleaned, or if you’re due for a cleaning, see what time of year they recommend performing this service. Typically, it’s best to perform these types of services in the spring - for more insight on this, review our Annual Spring HVAC Cleaning Tips and Tricks. There might be a few HVAC cleaning suggestions you’ve overlooked.



Should I have a Maintenance Contract?

When things go wrong within our HVAC units, it tends to reveal serious complications that can leave homeowners in difficult positions. As a homeowner, it’s important to communicate whether or not you need HVAC repairs or maintenance to your technician early on. 

However, rather than wonder what’s going on within your unit, you can eliminate the stress of HVAC service by opting into a maintenance contract. Instead of facing repairs on your own, and searching for HVAC service near me, a maintenance contract eliminates that additional stress on your unit and yourself.

Ask your local HVAC service technician about the importance of HVAC maintenance and whether or not they offer maintenance contracts. At Swaim Electric, we offer Maintenance Contracts for HVAC and generator service.


Have more than a handful of questions for your HVAC service technician? Save yourself additional stress by opting for annual maintenance contracts, so the technicians at Swaim Electric can better serve you and your home. If you need HVAC service near me, contact Swaim Electric today.





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